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A Simple Plan: Websites

How to Watch Movies Online for Free Not everyone has the time, means, and interest to go to theaters to watch a movie. Because of the exploits of the internet, you now can explore several ways to watch movies online without the need to pay for every single title you want to see. Well, there only are three things you need before you can proceed – broadband type of internet connection, a laptop or computer, and some popcorn. Of course, you have the choice to shell out money to subscribe to the most popular streaming sites out there to have complete access to thousands of movies. However, we bet you’re not interested in paying, which is why you’re here in the first place – hoping to find ways that will allow you to watch movies without the need to pay for them. Fortunately for you, there are so many different sites offering free access to movies without the requirement to pay for signing up. The only question left is how you find them. Start With Popular Sources with Limited Content
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Video streaming won’t be in existence without its most popular medium, YouTube. Even though YouTube is the most recognizable and popular video sharing site, it’s not engineered to offer free movie streaming. The site is largely for watching and listening to music video, documentaries, and short clips. Aside from YouTube, popular streaming sites like Hulu and Vimeo contain free movies and TV shows, but you’ll eventually end up being offered to subscribe to their monthly service.
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Third Party Websites So if you don’t want limitations and still want to watch movies for free, the best bet is streaming using 3rd party websites. Before you start exploring this option, one thing you have to know is that if you don’t download or show a movie and just stream it via a particular website, you’re not really legally responsible for it. But in contrast, current internet standards say that those who put up the video on their sites for people to be able to stream them are the ones who are committing an illegal act, provided they don’t own copyright. Anyway, the difference with third party sites is that merely provide an avenue or place where people like you can find links to those sites that host the movies. In order to find them, you simply have to type in the Google search box the title of the movie plus the term “streaming.” Again, we’d like to remind you once again that you shouldn’t go for those sites that will require you to pay a small amount to register or those that give you the option to download the movie. If you want to be completely free from legal responsibility, stick to free online streaming.

Tips for Simple Photo Editing

Photography has changed immensely over the years. Right from the equipment used to the techniques resorted to… there is a change, and how! Then again, there are something that just never change. Either you know how to click a good picture, or you don’t. Luckily for us these days, there’s technology to save all that we do. Doesn’t matter if there’s even a smidgen of a fault, a few easy tips for photo editing can save it all. What’s more is, in a majority of cases, most people are well aware of the variety of photo editing software that are available for their use these days. Using this software along with some simple photo editing techniques can work wonders for the look of any picture. How about taking a look at a handful of these easy photo editing tips. now.

Simple Tips for Photo Editing

If you take a look at it on a more skilled or professional level, the nuances of photo editing are plenty. But if it’s just about some of the simplest rules that you could adhere to, there’s just a handful of things that you need to bear in mind. Here they are…

Choose a Good Photo Editing Software
Unquestionably, the use of digital photography these days has rendered life much simpler. It allows you to get an idea of what the result of the picture is, and all that. But what happens when you just cannot get some things right? Depending on what the glitch in the photograph is, a good photo editing software will be able to fix it all. The simplest of them all is Google’s Picasa. It is amongst the easier tools to work with, given its user-friendly nature. There are others like Adobe Photoshop, IrfanView, GIMP, PhotoFiltre, and a host of other software for you to choose from too. So, don’t be shy to pick what you find easiest to work with.

Crop the Picture
Cropping a picture may definitely mean reducing the size of the picture, but sometimes it is inevitable. Every so often you take a picture without realizing that a bunch of other unwanted elements have showen up in the background. These odd factors could really kill the aesthetics of the picture, which is why, it is of utmost importance to crop a picture and reduce it down to only that what is essential. With most software, cropping a picture is really simple, and you will find it either in the sidebar (if there is one), or part of the ‘tools’. Also, do not forget to rotate the picture if it isn’t straight. A smart way to work here would be to work on a spare copy of a picture, especially if you aren’t very familiar with all the editing techniques.

Fix the Color
This one is definitely one of the more important aspects of editing. Oftentimes, you may not realize, while taking a picture, that the lighting is wrong, and that the color in the final product may be all wrong too. This can be fixed while editing. Most good editing tools come with the option of fixing the color. Whether you need to lighten the picture, or brighten it, it can all be done. The basics like brightness, contrast and color balance of any sort can all be fixed when editing. Make sure though not to overdo it. While you do want to fix the flaws, you want the picture to retain its natural look too.

Lose the Red Eye
Almost every software available these days comes with the Red Eye Correction feature. Make sure you make this change, no matter what. A picture could be flawless in every respect, but just so much as the red eye can spoil the look of what could be a fabulous image. Working on this tiny flaw is no task at all, and can be worked on in no time. It’s as simple as a couple of mouse clicks on the necessary commands. So yeah, unless you are going for demonic eyes, don’t forget to fix the red eye.

Familiarize Yourself with Other Features
Photo editing could be as elementary as the steps mentioned above, or you could go pro once you know how to work around the software you use. What may seem like a task in the beginning, will be easier than imagined once you actually get down to getting used to the various features that most software come with. Make sure though, that you play around with these features on spare copies of the pictures you have. The last thing you would want to do is mess up a perfectly good photograph. Once you know what the other attributes of the software being used are good for, you can rest assured that editing pictures will seem like a piece of cake.

How to Starting a Photography Business

Many people with an eye for beauty, judgment of light, and ability to capture the moment undertake photography business. Those who have made a name for themselves in this field are earning extremely well today. This is because there are three things which matter the most for the success of this business: right composition of elements in the photograph, right opportunity, and right networking.

Undertake Professional Courses

Even if people say you are a ‘pro’ at photography, it is highly advisable that you undertake professional courses to hone your talent. Getting a certification in photography or attending courses will give your work a professional perspective. Needless to say, your work will be taken more seriously on competitive platforms. It will also teach you to work with many photography software, the knowledge of which has become indispensable today.


Is there a photographer whose work you look up to or appreciate? You may be in awe of how he has carved a niche for himself in the field of photography. You may even be a pure admirer of his art. Meet that person and speak to him about your aspirations. Request him to teach you ‘tricks of this trade’ and guide you in your work. Having a mentor can not only help ameliorate your work, but it can also get you good business contacts.

Hands-on Experience

Merely spending a few hours in photography classes is not going to make you an ace photographer. Apart from continuously clicking photos of various objects, models, monuments, nature, etc., you will have to do an internship with an able photographer. This will actually help get a preview of how your business will operate. Learn as much as you can about camera, equipment, posing, makeup, models, objects, light, etc. Even if you earn only a few dollars for this work, take it, as you will learn a lot.

Be an Expert

In the initial days, you can try your hand at different kinds of photography. However, it is advisable that you specialize in a particular field later, like wedding photography, fashion photography, industrial photography, travel photography, object photography, wildlife photography, food photography, portraits, etc. This will help in establishing yourself as a capable and creative photographer.

Build a Portfolio

Build a creative portfolio of your photographs which will help showcase your talent in front of clients. They will get an idea about your work and give you more business. They may even refer you to their family and friends. Having a good e-portfolio will enable you to send your work to prospective clients in a matter of minutes.

Finances and Taxes

During the inception stage of your business, you may not have the necessary funds. Hence, it advisable to take a loan for the same. You can get an SBA loan easily, without much hassles. It is recommended that you carry your portfolio with you when you go to your lender to make a favorable impression. Also, hire professional services to look after your financial records and taxes. Maintain a record of all paperwork as it will be useful later on.

Source Equipment

Sourcing the right equipment is essential for your business. The quality of your photos will be highly dependent on the quality of camera and allied instruments you use. Hence, do not compromise on it. You will require a variety of instruments like camera, lenses, flash, flash cards, tripod, etc.
Speak to a senior photographer before going ahead and buying these things. Try to utilize online deals to get them at best bargains. However, buying secondhand equipment is not advisable, as they will cause you to spend a lot on repairs.

Hire a Studio

In the initial days, when you might have cost constraints, you may choose to shoot at locations decided by the client which may include their houses, lawns, convention halls, parks, etc. Some even create a temporary studio space in their home. However, renting a studio is also an option, if you have some extra money to spare. You may need to allot a place for a professional lab in your studio. Slowly, as your business will pick up, you can go ahead and buy a studio of your own.

Hire Help

As your business will expand, you will find it difficult to keep up with its growing demands on your own. Hence, it is advisable that you hire photography enthusiasts or students as interns to assist you with your work. This way, you will be able to get employees at a very lesser cost. In turn, the interns will also get hands-on experience.


The right kind of networking is essential for being successful in this business. Attend photography conventions and visit galleries to meet other photographers. Mingle with other photographers so that you may get opportunities through their contacts.

Promote Your Work

It is important that you promote your work on a large scale. Start with having a website which will feature your work along with the price list. It’s great to have your (business) presence on all the social media forums. Print calendars with your photos and send them to your clients as New Year gifts.
Try to put your branding on your cards, envelopes, invoices, and album covers. You can even put stickers on your car. Enroll your entries in photography contests, and try to get your work printed in a magazine. This will help bring recognition and more business.


may have to register your business as ‘doing business as.’ Apart from this, you will need the necessary licenses and permits from your local and state authorities to start your business.
You may also need to avail the Employee Identification Number. Understand the prevalent copyright issues, and don’t do anything that will cause a legal offense. You may have to get a ‘model release’. This is a liability waiver which is signed by the subject of the photograph allowing the photographer to legally release the photo. It is also advisable that you get a Professional Photographers of America (PPA) membership.

Use Social Media

Nothing works well for promotion of photography business quite like social media. It is perhaps the best word-of-mouth source. You can blog about your work and communicate about it to the world. Utilize social media platforms, like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Flickr, etc., for marketing your work. You will be surprised to find so many people connecting with you through these platforms.

Keep Up with the Industry

Professional photography is perhaps one of the most dynamic of all the creative industries. You should also keep an eye on the developments in the photo editing software industry. There is a technological innovation after every few days, and clients will expect you to be abreast with it. Hence, you should take some time out for training and brushing up your talent.

Undertake Insurance

Undertaking insurance for the safety of your premises and equipment is a must. The last thing you would want is something to damage your costly camera. Accidents can happen anywhere, so insurance coverage is a must. For more information about insurance coverage, you can log on to the PPA website.